GAD24 App

From the creation of the photos to the transfer for editing, everything is done in one workflow:


  • Select product - the number of images, the resolution of the images and your personal background with your logo/slogan is already stored in the product 


  • Photograph or enter vehicle identification number (VIN) - the VIN is used to assign the images to the vehicle including vehicle master data

  • Take pictures - GAD24 app helps to find the right views and angles by showing the vehicle ghost (real vehicle scenery) and example pictures.

  • 360° images - GAD24 App helps you to create a full 360° view with 16 images (in preparation)


  • Transmitting images - all images of a vehicle are combined in one batch and can be transmitted directly or at a later time for processing. 

  • Drone technology : Vehicle photography completely automated incl. vehicle master data (available soon)



The finished images are then made available again via the desired route within the agreed delivery time of 8/12/24 hours.


This can be done via a download link by mail, via the user interface-GAD Customer

( or automated via the GAD API interface.


GAD App Features

  • Photo Guide

  • Complete guided vehicle photography

  • languages: D,E,F,IT,PL

  • VIN scanner

  • Angle sensor

  • face ID

  • API connection

  • augmented reality